What's a Startup?

2014-05-06 09:10:11 admin Startups 0 Comments

Since BuiltinPerl launched, we received a variety of startup submissions ranging from education and health services to search engines and games. However, the diverse nature of startup submissions made us take another look at the meaning of the word “startup” and how it may be perceived by our community.    Some say that being a startup is a state of mind, a certain organizational culture; but, a business cannot be called a startup forever.  S ...


DuckDuckHack is ON!

2015-05-28 12:37:18 admin Startups News 0 Comments

Remember we shared a call for DuckDuck Hack groups ? Zac from DuckDuckGo let us know they’re happening, and he emailed us the location of 3 meetups. "We've gotten a ton of interest in our meetup groups since announcing the initiative. There are now 3 planned events (with more on the way) coming up", said Zac. See when & where:


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