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Perl conferences are not just gatherings of professionals using the same programming language but a gathering of friends - we are proud to say that Perl has one of the most tight knit developer communities in the world. Perl people stick together like family every year at YAPC, and not just there, you can see the closeness in online groups, communities, open source projects etc. This year there will be two YAPC events, one will be the United States in Orlando, Florida between 20-22th of June and the second one will be held in Europe in Cluj-Napoca, Romania between the 24-26th of August. Check out the websites for more information and get your tickets as soon as you can.

These events are the highlight of the year for many Perl programmers, a great opportunity to connect and learn new things and developments about Perl. Also, meeting Larry Wall is pretty cool.

This all started 17 years ago in 1999. The first actual YAPC event was organized by Kevin Lenzo, the co-founder of the Perl foundation and contributor to many CPAN modules. A few of you might have even been there, at the Woodstock of Perl, at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, at the first ever Perl conference. Kevin Lenzo gathered there 31 speakers, for two days between the 24th-25th of June. That was the beginning of the YAPC trend that quickly spread to other Perl communities in Europe, Australia, Asia and South American. Right now the only continents deprived of a YAPC conference are Africa and Antarctica. But let’s get back to that first Perl conference, where it all started.

The idea was just to have a simple and relatively cheap conference that a bunch of people can attend, connect and share. The price was just 60 dollars and over 300 people attended. The budget was very (very!) small but Kevin made it work - the first YAPC was a true conference with tutorials, talks, the right AV equipment, all that was needed. There was just one big difference  difference that stood out from the very beginning - it wasn’t a huge event with people stepping on each others toes, it was a cozy and relaxed event  - almost like a family reunion, without all the arguing.

YAPC events kept that family feel over the years, no matter the location. It wasn’t  just because the way the conference was organized or because of the format, but because of the people and the vibe that you get there, surrounded by friends not just colleagues. There’s always a feeling of love for the language, a true sense of community.  That goes hand in hand with bringing up new ideas, setting up projects, collaborations and more, YAPC is not and never was just a presentation conference to show off Perl, it was an event made for Perl people, by Perl people, for the community, for the people behind Perl. That first conference was the basic Perl family getting together, but as the conference grew so did the family. Don’t miss out this year's YAPC events, in Europe and in United States.


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    As it happens I was there http://www.perl.com/pub/1999/06/perl_1.jpg has proof : Ive told this short story before but it fits here Id been fairly active in the Perl IRC community before then swapping modules and comments and the occasional sarcastic barb lenzo spelling intentional most of us used lowercase for nicks said its time for a gettogether and arranged for a few blocks of dorm rooms to be opened during the summer break A bunch of us got flights together and I was one of them I flew over took the bus to the campus and as far as I knew didnt see another soul until I met the lady at the checkin desk who happened to be a fellow IRC oper so we had a chat I got my room key dumped my stuff unceremoniously and since the conference didnt start until tomorrow I just decided to look for a place to get lunch then come back when other people had settled in Not ten minutes later I walked past a tiny bar Its an odd experience when 20 people pretty much everyone in the picture shout the name Dr Forr when youre positive that theres not a single picture of you online this was before Facetwitplus pushed everyone over to the culture of sharing everything online and the bar was what felt like a purely random walk from the campus I dont remember how I got to my dorm room :

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