White Camel Awards, recognition for our unsung heroes

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Every community has some sort of way of acknowledging the ones that offer outstanding contributions and the Perl community is no different. Some have Oscars, some have Grammies, some have Tonys, we have White Camels.

The White Camel Awards were created to honor individuals who devoted themselves to the community, who supported the Perl community in various ways, through creativity, energy, involvement in all the aspects that go beyond the technical side of Perl. The White Camel is a symbol of recognition and appreciation for all the unsung heros of our community, a thank you for the people that often enough stay behind the scenes.

For those of you who are not familiar with the White Camel Awards, they were initiated by the Perl Mongers group and O’Reilly & Associates at the 1999 Perl Conference. There are 3 winners each year, for three separate categories, Perl User Groups, Perl Advocacy and Perl Community. At the end of each year the community gets to nominate Perl people that they feel are worthy of the Camel. The nomination process is actually open all year long, but they are always announced on December 18th, Perl’s birthday. The nomination process is quite easy, to submit a name you just have to send a name and a reason why you believe they should be recognized, using any form of communication you please, to brian d foy or the Perl Foundation.

The Camel is the symbol of the Perl language and community so it’s only fitting that the award is representative of it. Here is a list of all the winners of the award, since it’s inception.

  • 1999: Tom Christiansen, Kevin Lenzo,Adam Turoff

  • 2000: Chris Nandor, Nathan Torkington, Elaine Ashton

  • 2001: YAPC::Europe team, Ask Bjørn Hansen, David H. Adler

  • 2002: Graham Barr, Tim Maher, Tim Vroom

  • 2003: Jarkko Hietaniemi, Andreas Koenig, Robert Spier

  • 2004: Dave Cross, brian d foy, Jon Orwant

  • 2005: Stas Bekman, Eric Cholet, Andy Lester

  • 2006: Jay Hannah, Josh McAdams, Randal Schwartz

  • 2007: Allison Randal, Tim O'Reilly, Norbert E. Grüner

  • 2008: Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, Jacinta Richardson, Gabor Szabo

  • 2009: Tim Bunce, Philippe Bruhat, Michael Schwern

  • 2010: José Castro (cog), Paul Fenwick, Barbie

  • 2011: Lep Lapworth, Daisuke Maki, Andrew Shitov

  • 2012: Renee Baecker, Breno G. de Oliveira, Jim Keenan

  • 2013: Thiago Rondon, Wendy and Liz, Fred Moyer

  • 2014: Amalia Pomian, VM Brasseur, Neil Bowers

  • 2015: Chris Prather, Sawyer X, Steffen Müller

  • 2016 David Golden, Karen Pauley, Thomas Klausner

The White Camel Awards are from the community to the community, you can nominate and vote for the people you think have made an impact, to show recognition to all of Perl's unsung heroes. 

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