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Perl 6 has been released for almost a year now, but it hasn’t quite reached mainstream level. Only a handful of people got around to playing with it, but that will start to change soon enough. In the past few months we had a few lectures about Perl 6, at YAPC::EU, YAPC::NA, OSCON Austin, OSCON London and more. The time for Perl 6 is now, because we will also have at least 3 Perl 6 books available next year.

Although there is extensive documentation available on Perl 6, these will be the first formal learning resources for Perl 6 targeted not just at the Perl community, but at regular people. They represent a good starting point to attract new developers to the Perl family.

Learning Perl 6, the Nutshell Book from O'Reilly Media

This book,  by brian d foy, is aimed at an introductory audience. Brian is a long time perl developer and author of Learning Perl, that’s up to its seventh edition, Intermediate Perl, Mastering Perl and Programming Perl and others. He was also the publisher and editor of The Perl Review, a magazine devoted to Perl.

His next book is called Learning Perl 6, it will be an introductory guide comprehensible for a wide and beginner audience. This will be his third attempt at a book on Perl 6, the first failed due to the changes in the language. Now that Perl 6 is stable and finally released, a commitment can be made to creating valuable and comprehensible learning resources on it. Brian d foy’s book is one of these resources. Its kickstarter campaign had reached its financial goal, but it carries on as Brian wants to reach the goal of 2000 backers, to show true community support, no matter the size of the financial contribution.

Laurent Rosenfeld Perl 6 project

This is also a project aimed at beginners in programming, not just in Perl 6. In a reddit discussion Laurent said that his book is being reviewed by Perl 6 core developers and was accepted by a major publisher. The book is a Perl 6 version of Think Python, it covers both programming principles and Perl 6. It should be a very interesting read.

Perl 6 By Example, Another Perl 6 Book

Moritz Lenz is writing this book using the same approach he had for Using Perl 6. By using examples to teach various topics in Perl 6, bit by bit, you have a very easy to digest teaching material. You can read more about this project here.

These are just 3 of the many more to come (we hope) perl 6 learning resource projects. This is how Perl 6 can reach a large audience of developers, going beyond the current Perl (5) community, with complex and accessible learning resources.

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