The Perl Team, a Perl software development company

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The Perl Team is a Perl software house that, the name gives it away a bit, works in Perl almost exclusively. There’s a certain confidence gained when you find out about another big and successful company using Perl, our entire platform is meant to showcase and promote the Perl business environment, so another addition will definitely build things up.

But, the thing is, the Perl Team is not just another company that uses Perl, they’re a service provider and partner, building software for clients and also independently.

As one of the largest Perl shops in Europe, they handle Perl software development and beyond, also covering Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Product Management and DevOps.That’s a Perl team of about 100 people that can take a project from the ground up.

You need something built in Perl? Well, here’s your team!

You can find the full story on their site, but there are two things that stand apart and should be mentioned.

The first thing is related to education - being a Perl software house with lots of experience and plenty of projects under their belt they can also educate and bring new developers to Perl.

If you’ve been a Perl developer for some time you probably know that not a lot of companies have Perl trainings, which is a shame as this is a great way to increase the number of developers while also fueling some new blood into the community.

The Perl Team offers Perl team trainings.

What’s that you ask?

Well, they bring in new developers to Perl, train them and together with some experienced folks build a Perl software team for companies that use Perl and are looking to the future or are in need of more hands on deck.

The second thing is support for startups. Basically if you’ve got one on your hands and are still in the early stages, looking at which technology to use, you’ve got a partner in the Perl Team.

They will build your product and your company in Perl, acting as a partner, offering support in navigating the rough seas of software development.

That’s the basic concept, the rest depends on each particular case. This is also a great way to promote Perl for new businesses.

Summing up, this is one company that’s Perl to be bone. Check out their BuiltinPerl profile or website!

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