TAU Station, a MMORPG game built in Perl

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TAU Station is a free to play text MMORPG game created by All Around the World, a consultancy firm specialized in Perl and also a game development studio. They created TAU Station, a sci fi game that will definitely jolt your inner geek. Check out its premise:

“Join the ranks of survivors struggling to make something of the ruined galaxy left in the Catastrophe's wake. Take on missions, learn valuable details from dynamic characters, and participate in an epic story to uncover the terrifying secret that brought humanity to its knees. Captain your own starship, start a syndicate, challenge other players in combat, and explore a universe filled with hundreds of unique space stations and thousands of memorable encounters. Decide whether you want to help rebuild civilization, or turn a profit from its destruction.”

It’s a very exciting game but what is more intriguing is the tech stack used to develop it. The front end is made up of JavaScript and a bit of jQuery. The back end on the other hand is very interesting. TAU Station uses Perl 5, version 24, Catalyst as a web framework, Template Toolkit for managing HTML templates and DBIx::Class for ORM.

Of course, there are a lot of other technologies involved, PostgreSQL for databases, Redis for caching, Nginx for the web server and many others. From them all Perl is the central component. Curtis “Ovid” Poe (All Around the World CTO) chose Perl not just because he’s very familiar with it, but because it was the right language for the job. You can check out the full story of the tech stack on TAU Station’s blog.

Using these tools, and more importantly thanks to the great team of Perl developers working on this project, TAU Station is a complex and thoughtful game. It’s fun for the user to play and a pleasure for the developer to code. It's also a great example of how powerful Perl is.TAU Station was built with inclusive design in mind, making sure that the core elements of it are available in various situations, no matter the browser you are using, your device, screen size or ability to play in a certain way. TAU Station is built for everybody. Don’t forget to sign up for Alpha and Beta testing!

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