News from our startups: DuckDuckGo wants you to...

2015-05-14 10:31:15 admin Startups News 0 Comments

...represent DuckDuckGo in your city!

So here’s what Zac, community manager at DuckDuckGo, sent us our way:

We're excited to announce that we're accepting applications for volunteers to lead monthly DuckDuckHack developer meetup groups. These meetup groups aim to bring like-minded DuckDuckHack community members together to eat, chat, and hack on Instant Answers for the DuckDuckGo search engine. The bill is on us :)

Leaders will work closely with staff and community members to build up their city's group long-term and help shape the global meetup program. If you're interested in starting your town's DuckDuckHack meetup group, email us at with your answers to the questions below.

  • What's your name?
  • What city are you representing?
  • What's your shipping address (for DDG shirts, stickers, etc.)?
  • What's your background in the DuckDuckHack community?
    You do not need to be a DuckDuckHack expert or experienced developer to host a meetup. We’ll provide you with resources like live help and an overview of FAQs, so all you need to do is know how to find help when others need it!
  • Have you built (or majorly fixed) an Instant Answer with DuckDuckHack before?
    If Yes, please link to your Instant Answer file(s)
  • Have you hosted meetup groups before (technical or non-technical meetup groups)?
  • Where do you plan to hold your meetup? If you're not sure yet, just tell us a few places that would be ideal.

After emailing, you'll hear back from me (Zac) with instructions for next steps.

Edit: check out the overview of organizing a group and meetup event.

Thank you,

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