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One of the best ways to get people hooked into Perl is to introduce them early on, at the university level. Now, Perl might be, or it might not be on the curriculum, but once you know the basic principles of programming and you’re in a familiar state with what coding is all about, you’re also in an appropriate state to take it on as a language. Someone who’s in the early stages of programming, who is new when it comes to programming languages, is the perfect candidate to get to know Perl (but not the only candidate).

A great way to do this is through a training, in a software development company environment. Firstly, we should mention that you can indeed learn Perl by yourself, not just at a university level or through a training, but the latter offers an ideal opportunity to grow as a developer and catch on with Perl more easily.

Evozon is a software development company with a soft spot for Perl and an ever-growing Perl department, one that organizes the aforementioned trainings. Since 2009 they hosted at least one such training per year, usually during the winter, early spring, or summer. These learning opportunities are usually free of charge, or even paid (the trainees get incentives to learn, that is), and they range from a one week power training to 7 or 8  weeks of paid training. Who’s being trained? Usually, the trainings are aimed at students in their first or second year of university, or programmers and sysadmins who want to switch to Perl. They already have a stock of programming knowledge, and are at the right point to catch on a new language from the ground up.

These types of situations, especially in large university cities could attract more student-developers to Perl. There are also businesses that do on demand Perl trainings, like Perl Training Australia, a company that does trainings for various niches like governmental institutions, corporations, retail, education, financial services, communication and more.

Do you know of other companies that organizes Perl trainings for students or junior developers?

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