Perl Mongers history and worldwide expansion

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The term Perl Monger is quite knowledgeable, but not everyone knows, especially new perl people, what is a Perl Monger exactly, what’s the difference between a programmer and a monger and how did the name came up. So, let’s clear that up from the very start. A Perl Monger (according to brian d foy) is any Perl hacker, evangelist, or missionary. We’re also going to add programmer to that list.

Perl mongers was established in 1998 as a stand alone organization, although (now) they are  a part of the Perl Foundation, by brian d foy. He started the first perl users group in New York - Fun fact, the pm is representative of Perl Mongers but it also plays on the name of a Perl module extension.

The second Perl Monger group was started in Boston by Chris Nandor, followed by many other PM groups, in L.A., Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis etc. The first non-North American PM. group was started in London by Dave Cross. By the end of the year Perl Mongers groups were popping up in Liston, Melbourne, Stockholm, Rhode Island, Michigan etc, proving not only the popularity of Perl, but also its powerful community stance.

Every individual Perl community is different, so each Perl Monger group vary when it comes to their activities, but they all share a common goal, talking and working on Perl. It’s a healthy and informal environment to express your thoughts, to debate, to talk about issues and learn. Right now there are 255 Perl Mongers groups all over the world.  

Antarctica is the only continent without a Perl Monger group, so if you want to be the first to set one up, check out the these steps. All joking aside, anyone can start a Perl Monger group, see if your town is missing one, don’t hesitate to add that .pm suffix to it.

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