Perl is back in the top 10 programming languages

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Yes, folks, Perl is on the rise once again! TIOBE reports that Perl is once again in the top 10 most popular programming languages. Staying cozy at number 8, Perl is right between Ruby on the low end and JavaScript on the high end.


For those of you not familiar with TIOBE.

TIOBE measures the quality of a software system through widely accepted coding standards. The name is an acronym and it stands "The Importance Of Being Earnest", a mark of the sincerity and honesty that the company represents. TIOBE checks every day more than 300 million lines of code, in real time.

The TIOBE index shows the popularity of programming languages, marking the evolution of web developing. It’s worth noting that the rating is based on the number of skilled engineers world-wide, courses and third party vendors. Each rating is calculated by counting the hits on the most popular search engines.  TIOBE takes into account 25 most popular search engines. You can find out more here.

Throughout the years many programming languages have come and gone, have risen and fallen, depending on the direction that developers take and the introduction of better and more efficient languages. Programming is something dynamic and ever changing so there’s a constant shift. For Perl that means a much deserved rise in popularity.


From April 2015 Perl has a 4 spot rise with a 2.524% rise in rating. 2014 was a turning point, after a steep fall it slowly started rising from the ashes. Overall, for 2016, so far Perl is at number 9, keeping an upwards trend.


There are a few reasons why Perl is getting back in the game, starting with its availability. It's open source and has a large repository of data, CPAN provides over 160.000 Perl modules written by more than 12.000 authors. Perl is also very versatile, ideal for many things, from low level apps to GUI development. It plays well with others as it has extra modules that allow you to write code or use code written in other languages like Python, C, C++, Basic, Ruby, PHP, Java, Awk and more. There’s more to say, but let’s end here and enjoy Perl's rise in the programming world.

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