Looking forward to 2014!

2014-02-01 10:20:18 admin News 2 Comments

Welcome to our new blog!

BuiltinPerl is still a young project and we have great plans to accomplish our mission, that is promoting the success stories of Perl. We're excited to get things rolling on our new blog, a tool that will let us diversify what content we share with you.

We now have 33 amazing startups registered on BuiltinPerl, but since our launch in Nov 2013, we learned that we need to expand our focus. So, in the near future, you'll see some new categories that will accommodate other types of businesses that use Perl with great results. 

Have no doubt, we also have other ideas on the table. We're periodically reviewing them in a agile way (yes, we like and use agile methodology even in marketing and product management). Thanks to our new blog, we'll keep you updated! 

PS: If you're wondering what blogging platform we used, take a look here: www.PearlBee.org.

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    I believe an RSS feed is missing from this blog

    Alexander Ill make sure to take this into account We will soon upgrade the blog to a more flexible and featurerich versionThanks for the feedback

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