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We recently had a new addition added to our Perl community, a startup called Kritika, a service that allows to Statically Analyse code looking for Code Smell, Errors and any other issues. It’s easily integrated with repository providers and CI/CD services. It’s great news to have a startup built entirely in Perl, we had a chat with Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi, Kritika’s founder and he told us a few things about how this project came to be.

The project emerged from the need to do internal code reviews. Just using the command line tools like perlcritic or eslint was not enough, since the codebase was pretty large and it would take hours to complete the full scan. There had to be some database behind, it would remember the last scanning and give you the checks only for files and lines that were modified.

“After writing the initial web app prototype I had an idea of creating a SAAS service, that would allow everybody to easily import repository from GitHub or BitBucket or any other public repository, combine it with the test coverage report from TravisCI or any other public CI/CD service and give a bird's view what's going on with their project. The public version is still a tip of the iceberg, many features are just waiting for their time to be transferred from the Enterprise version. The next main feature that is going to be released is duplications detection.”

Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi (vti)

The entire app is written in Perl with Bootstrap on the front end side. It runs on Plack and custom web framework, using PostreSQL as a database. Also, there are several daemon workers that are doing the scanning and are written in Perl. The application is built with Progressive Enhancement in mind, which means that the user experience enhances with the features their browser supports. This way the app stays usable for everybody, as many organizations don’t keep their installed software up to date.

Kritika is now in beta, so check it out!

You can also follow Viacheslav (vti) on Twitter and connect on  GitHub and on metacpan.

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