Join us next year at BuiltinPerl!

2015-12-22 14:40:13 admin News 0 Comments

Dear Perl wizards,

We had a great year at BuiltinPerl, not only encouraging the adoption of the Perl programming language but also promoting the companies and startups developed in Perl! 

We are immensely grateful for all your support and feedback! This amazing community has been our inspiration every step of the way and for that, our most sincere gratitude thoughts are directed towards you. 

BuiltinPerl is a fresh project and with great plans to accomplish our mission: promoting the success stories of Perl. Whether it is through our website, blog or job board, we're excited to get things rolling every week and diversify the content we share with our beloved community.

We now have 53 amazing startups and 38 companies registered on BuiltinPerl and we are looking forwards to expanding and adding other projects and businesses that use Perl in their development.

To learn more about our tremendous startups and companies, go to

Get inspired and join us in 2016!

Happy Holidays and a Jolly New Year!

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