How many Perl developers are there?

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It’s a tough question to answer. Is there a way to quantify all the Perl developers in the world?

There is also a difference between developers who use some Perl in their work, but are not Perl developers per se, which makes it harder to come up with a given figure.

Let’s look at some numbers

People who attended YAPC:: Asia 2015 in Tokyo - 2130

People who attended YAPC::EU 2016 - 352

People who attended The Perl Conference 2017 in DC - over 400

These would be people actively involved with Perl and interested in the community

People who took the Perl Developer Survey - 849 (52.8% of respondents said they don’t attend Perl conferences)

People on Linkedin that have “Perl” in their job title ~ 1200 (using the more specific Sales Navigator, not the usual search box)

These would be Perl developers and developers that include Perl in their stack.

Perl Weekly subscribers: 6353

These would be people interested in Perl, but not necessarily, developers.

CPAN authors - 13,138 authors mentioned that there are “over 1,000,000 Perl programmers around the world”

There are also a few social media groups indicators, but these are more related to popularity, not necessarily about the number of developers. Anybody can join a group quite easily, without being a developer or even technical.  This would include anybody interested in Perl, not just developers, but also HR, marketing, sales folks etc)

People in the main Perl group on Linkedin - 19.826

Perl Facebook groups - Perl Programmers 3341, Perl Mongers 771 (largest two groups)

Followers on Twitter for “The Perl Foundation” - 7298.


So, how many Perl developers would you say are there in the world?


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