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Let’s start with a bit of history on FOSDEM. It started 17 years go, in 2000, when Raphael Bauduin, a fan of the Linux movement in Belgium wanted to organize an Open Source meeting. Under the name OSDEM it proved to be quite a hit, so it carried on in the second year under the current name, FOSDEM. Today is a huge attraction for all those passionate about open source.

This year FOSDEM will take place on February 4-5th, in Brussels at the ULB Solbosch Campus. It will have 607 speakers, 654 events and 54 tracks. The activities will take place in 29 rooms, in several building on the Solbosch Campus. Most of the events are held in devrooms, managed and organized by open source projects.

Devrooms are a place of debate discussion, between individuals and projects. There are 41 developer rooms this year and one of them is the Perl room.

This is the schedule for the Perl devroom.

fodem perl.png

There are a lot of interesting presentations here, and quite a few of them are covering Perl 6, which is quite exciting. Together with the release of Andrew Shitov’s book, and the other books that are planned for this year, 2017 seems to be a very good year for Perl 6 and the Perl family as a whole.

Speaking of family, the Merelo family has a very interesting talk about learning Perl 6 as a first language, staged as a play or a dialogue presenting the entire experience that the talk is based upon. Learning Perl 6 without knowing other languages is a topic that deserves its fair share of attention. Overall there will be 5 Perl 6 talks, out of 15 talks.  

Another thing to watch out for will be Curtis “Ovid” Poe’s  talk about TAU Station. We also did a piece on TAU Station last year, detailing a few things about the project. This is a very interesting Perl project so if you’re going to FOSDEM be sure not to miss it, if you’re not going, give our short presentation a read, building a game in Perl something you should really check out.

Even though Perl 6 is getting a lot of buzz, Perl 5 is still the most used part of the Perl family and it hasn’t been forgotten. Sawyer X’s talk “Perl 5.24, 5.26, and the Future of Perl 5” stands to be quite informative in the direction of Perl 5. Perl 5.24, released last year, was the result of a lot of hard work, containing approximately 360.000 lines of change from 77 authors. What does the future hold? We’ll have to see.  

If you do attend FOSDEM and want to write about your experience don’t hesitate to contact us at or We’ll save a slot open for you in the BIP blog.

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