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Perl was one of the first technologies that Evozon covered when it first got its start 11 years ago. It opened as a Perl and Java company, small and opportunistic, growing eventually to a huge company covering the most demanded technologies in the current IT environment. They currently cover, with over 500 developers: Perl, Java, .Net, PHP, Node, Mobile, C++ and modern JavaScript. They also have teams of their own consultants, analysts, trainers and testers. Starting out as an Australian-Romanian joint venture they now have offices in Cluj Napoca, Transylvania with satellite offices in London, Malmo and Nagoya. Very briefly, that’s the story of Evozon, a Perl company and more. Now, let’s dig a little deeper.

BuiltinPerl started as a response to the increasingly demanding question about companies that are using Perl. One answer to that question is Evozon Systems. As a software services provider they are working in Perl for various clients from all over the world, with quite a few Perl projects under their belt in different fields and applications. Let’s have a look at a few of them.


ST-Ericsson was a joint venture between Ericsson and STMicroelectronics, Evozon worked in Perl for a system to handle building of executable units for mobile platform software products. This was a very vast project that involved multiple parties, as the customer also had available technical expertise at hand and a current built system that had many bugs.

Evozon fixed the major problems of the build system and found solutions to optimize the parsing of the configuration files, introduced multithreaded builds and parallel builds, reducing the build times. Also, to unify the build and release tools, the delivery tool was integrated in the build tool to increase efficiency. A new tool was created for installing the software platform modules, as this was done previously by delivering a zip archive containing source code files to the customers

This tool had  its own Perl distribution, so after installing it, it could be used standalone, without the need to install additional tools. They also used C++ for creating executable files and libraries and NMake for building projects based on commands generated from description files. Optimizing the build times (by 70-80%) was done with Jom or with multithreaded build processes.


You probably know that Net-a-Porter is a Perl user, (if you didn’t you should check out our company section more) but how and where they use Perl might surprise you. Evozon, as an outsourcing company, worked for Net-a-Porter on the warehouse automation system. Their Perl team worked on the flow of commands that controlled the robotic processes.

As a huge global online retailer Net-a-Porter moves literally tons of merchandise, following through on millions of orders, so the automation system used in their warehouses is a crucial part of their business running smoothly.

net a porter perl automation.jpg

Besides these two big names, Evozon, as a large Perl outsourcing company has plenty of other projects under its belt, including a data distribution system for the Fitch Group.  With a Perl tech stack that includes Perl, Catalyst, Dancer, Moose, Starman, mod_perl, DBIx::Class, Plack, Mason and Mojolicious, Evozon is a Perl company to be reckoned with. We’re proud to have them in the community, not just as a member but also as community player supporting a lot of events and initiatives within the local Cluj Perl community and the international Perl community sponsoring and attending YAPC::Europe, London Perl Workshop, German Perl Workshop, QA Hackathons etc. They’re also the first organizers of the Cluj Perl Mongers meeting.

Going beyond Evozon as a company, the projects that we listed in this article are not just their commercial projects for certain clients, they’re are Perl projects that go beyond web development and show its true potential. Showcasing such projects and more importantly, companies willing to work on them leads us to another point.

The future of Perl

Any technology in order to grow and develop needs a few things. It needs resources and learning possibilities, a willing and united community, good development and updates and also, least but not last, companies willing to use it, to invest in it and to grow it. As such, Evozon fills this last part very well because it’s a good home for Perl developers as well. Let’s not forget about the human element in development, a good language is a pointless tool without someone to use it.

Companies like Evozon, together with the continuous development of the language represent the future of the Perl family.

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