European Perl Conference(s): it's time to get cracking

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Summer is upon us and you know what that means: a new Perl conference! Actually more than one, but let’s keep our focus on this side of the pond. Perl people, rise, rise and start writing proposals!

This year

The EU Perl Conference is in Amsterdam this year and the topic is High End Perl.  The organizers suggestions for topics are:

  • Something where Perl saved you (a lot of) time

  • Something where you made (a lot of) money with perl

  • How you made (a significant) contribution to OSS

  • A development that caused new standards in IEEE/IETF/W3C/...

  • tools that caused new (national) regulations

  • running Perl on thousands of servers

  • Perl responsible for millions of turnover

  • business quality security applications in Perl

  • ...

There are 29 submitted talks so far and submissions are open until June 15th.

So? What are you waiting for?

You know what do to, get submitting - right here (but make sure you have an account first)

Next year

Thomas Klausner (domm), the head of and member of the  TPF Grants Committee and the YAPC Europe Foundation wrote a worrying article: No proposal for European Perl Conference 2018 yet.

This is actually his second call to submit a venue for next year’s European Perl conference, his first being in April. We’re about halfway through the year and no one expressed any intention in gaining “endless glory” by organizing the conference formally known as Yet Another Perl Conference and putting his/hers city on the Perl map.

The deadline for sending a proposal is Friday, 30th June. Carry on the torch of the Perl Conference in Europe and start submitting to!

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