Depentree, tracking your CPAN dependencies

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Seeing a startup built in Perl is a great thing, for Perl developers and the Perl community. But beyond that, Depentree represents work, time and effort from a developer to create something useful and practical for other developers. This is a Perl startup.

Let’s get to brass tacks. is a code dependency tracker that helps you to be aware when the software you depend on is updated, when an important issue is fixed or a security problem is found. By running a provided open source command line app you can collect your projects dependencies with current versions, upload them to the server and receive notifications. Every new release has a Changelog where you can easily see what has changed. Currently cpanfile and dist.ini files are supported. License checking, CVE detection and more languages are coming further down the line.

Depentree has organization's built in where you can share repositories between team members and set up a single point of notifications.

Currently a free plan is available for you to test and see if it works for you and your company. Keep in mind that this is a new project and any feedback is very welcome.

Depentree is written in Perl on top of the best CPAN modules. It consists of a web application, project analyzer worker and CPAN indexer. MetaCPAN API is used responsibly to get the release information and various useful metadata.

The project is ran by vti, a CPAN author and an active open source and free software contributor. You can follow him on twitter @vtivti.

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