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We’re thrilled to announce that the first companies are joining, since we introduced this feature. They’re big players in the Perl-sphere and leading companies in their industry - can you guess who they are?

Well, we won’t be teasing you anymore: meet, Shiny Ideas & Infinity Interactive, all three long-time Perl lovers & users. If you’re not very familiar with them already, here’s a brief introduction: is the world's leading online accommodation provider, operating across 205 countries in 42 languages. Their team of designers, developers, database engineers & Sysadmins solve complicated problems at huge scale. Their guiding principle is that when they help their customers, they help their business.

Infinity Interactive builds software that's fast, secure, and solid.

“We build Web sites, Web applications, mobile sites, mobile apps, middleware, databases, data layers and interfaces, Web services, email blasts, and that crazy thing you've thought of that doesn't have a name yet. We like to build things in Perl when we can, but we're ultimately a polyglot shop that's committed to using the right tool for any given job.”

Shiny Ideas is a web development partnership (one back-end developer, one front-end designer/developer), offering great-looking websites built on top of a highly-flexible Perl content management system - ShinyCMS.

“We also offer development of custom modifications and extensions to ShinyCMS, for companies with specialist requirements.” already attracted quite a few Perl enthusiasts, so this can be a wonderful opportunity for your company or startup to get even more free attention, or to advertise your Perl openings by joining our growing list of Perl based businesses.  To do so, please go to and add your startup, company or job.

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