These BuiltinPerl startups chose Mojolicious!

2015-07-13 16:31:18 admin Startups News 1 comment

And so could you

We’ve researched start-ups in our Built in Perl community and noticed that 9 of them adopted Mojolicious as a framework for their Perl built platforms: Convos, Brainturk, PDFUnicorn, EatFab, Soysuper, HTML2PDF Web Service, JAGC, FantLab and Stratopan

We wanted to find out why so we snooped around for a while and came to the conclusion that Mojolicious is indeed a great option. Here’s why:  

  • It’s a truly modern and real-time web framework that you can use to easily grow single file prototypes into well-structured web apps.
  • It offers a clean, portable and object-oriented pure-Perl API with no other hidden requirements, working perfectly with Perl 5.22.0;
  • Their ecosystem is complex and expanding daily, with loads of Mojolicious extensions available on CPAN;
  • Mojolicious also supports a non-blocking environment granting you the opportunity to serve thousands of requests simultaneously;

You can read a more detailed version of a satisfied user’s story here.

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