Bright Future, a Perl company

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Bright Future is a company with more than 10 years of experience in designing and developing websites and web applications - especially for online campaigns, product offers and custom audiences. They create engaging digital platforms, over various chnnels, including social media, mobile web or display ads. Bright Future is a Polish company based in Warsaw with international clients like  Microsoft, Sony, HP and Orange. A Perl company. 

Using Perl

Their website,, is running on Perl, using the Mojolicious framework served via nginx reverse proxy on a Debian machine. 

The company's first projects involved a lot of data analysis and web crawling, building script stack from scratch for data collection. Starting with single-file scripts that took CSVs as input and output, they moved to more complex ones, organizing them into segments for a formalized execution plan. This was very important for detecting influencers through social analyzing of networks like Facebook or Linkedin. As their research grew, so did the complexity of it all. Perl helped them a lot because it was fast and had little overhead as it didn’t use any frameworks,  just a small number of modules. The element of speed was very important for data analysis so Perl worked very well in this context. 


There are a few of Bright Future’s Perl projects that should be mentioned here. The first would be a real time quiz game made for a series of seminars for upper management personnel. This app was based on Mojolicious, using websockets for communication. The gameplay was simple. Each participant had a tablet to answer questions, as their answers were reflected on the main screen as well. They also got bonuses depending on how fast they answered the quiz, some of them did that in less than 500ms, simultaneously! And it worked, in Perl. 

Another bigger project was a series of online contests for Microsoft called Azure Ideas. This was an opportunity for developers and entrepreneurs to showcase their projects running on Azure cloud. The Azure community voted on each project and the most popular one was the winner. The setup for Azure Ideas was very particular, as the front and backend were completely separated. 

The frontend was a framework made in PHP and the backend was an API in Perl on Mojolicious. The backend worked very well in Perl, it was the only interface to the Percona-flavoured MySQL, like a guardian. That was a big advantage, because each of the 3 pieces could consume their hosting resources separately. And in the unlikely event of reaching the resource limit, even if one piece failed, the rest kept working fine - the frontend could work without the backend and show soft errors, instead of just crashing into a 500 Server Error. This platform is constantly improved by Bright Future, nowadays with Perl on the frontend as well. It gives them just one environment, one language, less code, shared config files and a lot more speed than the PHP version.


Today, Bright Future is a strong Perl company that kept its technology stack intact. They choose Perl because it had a balance between language capabilities, processing speed and ease of coding. Because it was easy to just do what you needed to do, without having to install dependencies all the time. Because it was easy to expand (CPAN modules) and because it was really fast with Mojolicious. Ruby, Python, Java and Node didn’t bring anything new to the table. They had too many dependencies and overhead for the file structure. Mojolicious and Perl made things work properly.

Bright Future is a successful Perl company, with a rich history, working with large brands. They started out with Perl and they’re still carrying strong now. We’re happy to have them in the community. 

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