Last Week on 25 - 29 May 2015

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How've you been doing? Did you start planning your summer holiday? June's here, so are we, updating you on the events of last week.
Besides adding 1 new company & 1 new startup to the growing list of #builtinperl entries, we published news regarding the evolution of the recently published call for DuckDuckGo Meetups, courtesy of Zac, from DuckDuckGo, who let us know what was going on, plus we published some stats regarding the top 3 industries our #perl entries belong to.

Enjoy the summary of 25 -  29 May 2015:

  • Hallisoft - Hallisoft is a global provider of hotel and travel related software and technology. They have been in business for over 16 years and our customer base spans Europe, the USA, Canada, SE Asia and Australia.
  • RezEasy Cloud- a product of Hallisoft, RezEasy Cloud is a start-up that comprises: Front Desk Property Management System, an Online Reservation System, Agents Module, and Transaction Manager.
  • DuckDuckHack is ON - Remember we shared a call for DuckDuck Hack groups? Zac from DuckDuckGo let us know they’re happening, and he emailed us the location of 3 meetups
  • Quick heads-up: we've put together a mini-infographic regarding the top 3 industries our Perl entries belong to. So here they are: Education, Software & Consumer Web.

And the weekly reminders:

  • If you have Perl vacancies, feel free to advertise them on our job board.
  • We also have an official blog and we would absolutely love to publish news and other worthwhile content you might want to send our way. We’ll be happy to blog about your startup’s milestones, or achievements of your company.

Have a sunny week!


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