5 major websites that use Perl

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The validity of Perl as a programming language in 2016 has been continuously questioned while being constantly compared to other trending and powerful languages. There’s a lot of the time of Perl has passed mojo going on, a lot of Perl banter - we went from Perl is dead to Perl is not dead, it’s a dead end. We’re laughing silently. Competition between programming languages has always been fierce, but it seems that Perl is being put to the side without even being considered for a good fight. Well, Perl is full of fight, and to prove just that we rounded up 5 major websites that uses Perl.



If you’re a film buff, or if you ever searched for a movie online you most definitely know about IMDB - Internet Movie Database. The website was launched in 1990 by a computer programmer called Col Needham. In 1998 it was bought by Amazon (who also uses Perl) and as of May 2016 it has about 3.7 titles and 7 million personalities in its database.

2 Amazon



Like father, like son we could say. Yes Amazon uses Perl to this day,. It started out as a huge Perl shop, dwindling down over the years as Amazon got bigger and bigger, but it still is a big Perl point of interest. Amazon uses a complex stack of languages including Java, Servlets, C++ and Perl through Mason.




Yes, the British Broadcasting Corporation, the largest broadcaster in the world, uses Perl on its website. Also several BBC products, besides the actual website, use Perl, including the BBC iPlayer so there’s a promising future for Perl developers there.

4 Booking.com


The largest online accommodation reservation website in the world uses Perl extensively. Almost half of the IT department in Booking is made up of Perl developers (Booking does not make this information public, but several reddit and quora Q&A go in depth on this topic). They work on a 2 million + line code base that supports Booking and all of its great features.

5 Duckduckgo


Duckduckgo is an up and coming search engine that prides itself over its security features. From 2014 to 2016 it rose from 3.7 million searches to 9.6 million searches. Duckduckgo uses Perl and JavaScript with some help of the YUI library. A few of the side components use Prosody, Debian, jQuery, node.js and of course, more Perl with plenty of CPAN distributions.

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