5 large companies that use Perl

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One of the questions that we had in the Perl Developer Survey 2017 was about the size of the company that the respondents work for. This was meant to help paint a clearer picture on where  Perl is used. Large and very large companies came ahead, with 25.6% of respondents choosing the 100-1000 section and 30.5% of respondents going with the 1000+ option. We’re going to present companies in both categories.

Grant Street Group

Based in Pittsburgh, Grant Street Group are a software development company that do mostly government services. They have more than 20 years of experience, bringing technology and government together to better serve citizens. They’re a large company that does Perl development for various platforms and projects, including tax collection, auctions, billing, epayments etc. Perl is a major technology here.


Hostgator is a leading provider of dedicated hosting, based in Austin and Houston, Texas. It started out like many companies in the 90’ in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University. It moved to Texas in 2007 in order to expand. It’s one of many Perl companies based in the Lone Star State. It also has an office in Brazil. Hostgator is not the only hosting company using Perl, GoDaddy is also a known Perl user.

Change Healthcare

Founded in 2007, Change Healthcare works for smarter healthier, offering a network to connect payers, providers, patients. They have one of the largest financial and administrative healthcare network in the US (per their own description) covering 50,000 physicians, 105,000 dentists, 60,000 pharmacies, 5,000 hospitals, 600 vendors, 450 laboratories and 1,200 government and commercial payers.

RedSocks Security

Based in The Hague, RedSocks (not Red Sox) is a security company founded in 2012 by a few passionate people about security that wanted to offer solutions for protection related to security breaches and threat detections. They’re focused on malware analysis and creating advanced malware defenses and combating cybercrimes for various companies.


Pobox is rather known in the Perl community, but it should be mentioned nonetheless. Born in 1995 Pobox came to be because of the idea of a lifetime email address. The Perl team is headed by Ricardo Signes. In November 2016 FastMail acquired Pobox, but they still remain an independent unit.

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