3 reasons to go to OSCON Europe 2016

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OSCON Europe this year moves just across the sea, up the Thames river, in London. It will take place between the 17-19th of October (the conference) in the Hilton Metropole. The training part will take place between the 19-20th of October. As it goes with any OSCON, this is a great opportunity to discover new things, connect and experience something quite unique when it comes to conferences.

This brings us to the first reason you should go, and that’s OSCON itself. As a developer, as a techie, as a programming aficionado, or as “insert weird title here” you will benefit greatly from an OSCON, the talks, the people, the vibe, the workshops, the showcased projects. It’s so much to take in and enjoy. Especially something quite exciting for Perl people, but more on this later on.

The second reason why you should attend OSCON is location, location, location. So, because of the location. London baby!


If you’re going to be travelling to attend OSCON you might as well wiggle in some vacation time. Before, inbetween and after OSCON you can enjoy all the sights that London has to offer, and there are plenty.

The last one is the most important one, we truly saved the best for last - at OSCON 2016 Europe you can take part in a Perl 6 lecture called The Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Perl 6. The speaker will be Jeff Goff, an active contributor in the Perl community, working on Perl 5 and on Perl 6. He is also one of the original release managers for Parrot née Perl 6 and has written some core interface modules for Perl 6. You can check out more about the presentation here, and see the full OSCON schedule here.

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