2016 programming language of the year, Perl at no. 3

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Google’s Go was named programming language of the year (2016) by TIOBE, recognizing the language with the highest growth on a 12 month period.  There were plenty of changes to go around, including a very good one for Perl, who came in third, after Dart, another Google language. The listing is based on the languages growth on a year by year basis.

Go gained 2.16% points from a year ago, with a rating of 2.325 percent coming on top for a second time, it also took the crown in 2009, just two years after it was released. It was ranked 13th this month from 54th in January 2016,  while Dart (+0.95%) is at 17th this month from the 26th in January 2016, while Perl (+0.91%) is currently at number 8, up from number 11 last January. We covered its breakthrough in the top 10 last April.

Source: TIOBE

As a reminder TIOBE rankings are based on popularity related to  searches on languages in popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Wikipedia so these results should taken as a guideline. TIOBE doesn’t rank the best or the most used programming languages in terms of lines of code, it’s more of a direction to show the level of interest in certain languages.

On a year to year basis there were also quite a few surprises, for consecrated languages and newcomers. 2 languages made their debut in the top 100, Crystal at 86, inspired by Ruby and open source and Kotlin at 87, a language developed by JetBrains. There was also a downward trend on several high profile languages like Java, who went down 4.19% from January 2016, C, down 6.69%, C++ down .61% and Python, down 0.39%. Nevertheless, all the mentioned language remain at their respective positions, Java at number 1, C at number 2, C++, on  3, C# at number 4 and Python rounding up the top 5. Visual Basic .net and JavaScript all move up a notch.

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