Perl, the hot programming language

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There are a lot of must know or hot programming languages lists making rounds on the Internet and if you check out any of them you find sort of the same languages. There’s Java, the C family JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Node.js. Swift and on occasion, Perl. Most of the considered hot languages are established (so not to call them old) languages, with just a few exceptions (like Node.js and Swift which are pretty young).

Experienced programmers don’t pay much attention to these types of lists, but beginners do, they are always looking for that ideal programming language - practical, well paid, and easy to learn. Technology changes and evolves constantly, languages follow trends and needs, some fade away, others are born and take their place. Perl has been in use for 28 years and if you do a simple job search on indeed for example, you will find more than 1000 openings for Perl programmers or programming positions that require Perl knowledge.

Yet, Perl is not considered hot. Nonetheless is a language that offers unique tools for various tasks, like system programming. It may not be as easy to learn as other languages, but it’s still a very powerful one, a language that it’s worth adding to your portfolio as a programmer, even if you don’t programm exclusively in it. Perl can be used in desktop app development, automation, web apps, networking devices and much more. It’s very versatile and with the addition of Perl 6 to the roster you can choose between it and Perl 5.

Perl is a hot language, or at least it should be considered as such, for beginners especially, due to the amazing community that surrounds Perl. If you decide to learn it there are plenty of groups, actually there are 255 Perl Mongers groups that can help you. See here if there’s one near you! Consider Perl, it will grow you as a programmer and give you plenty of opportunities. Also, it’s worth mentioning, it’s a tech skill that pays handsomely to say the least.

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