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Meet Paula. She’s 20 years old and a sophomore majoring in computer science. Paula loves to code and recently came across a language called Perl.  She would like to learn Perl, but is unsure how to move forward. She checks out a few books, tries to find a few articles on Perl (has a bit of a tough time on it, as Perl developers don’t blog as much) and gets a better grip on it. She learns about Perl 5 and Perl 6, about the Perl Mongers about the community. She’s ready to learn!

Or is she?

Paula starts on a few tutorials and checks out Learn Perl and where she can get a head start on how Perl works. She also tries out a book, but the new generation attention span doesn’t really help her on long form content. She’s anxious and would move quicker than a book permits. She finds, they have an extended newbie section that starts from the very ground up.The tutorial on Perl Maven also has videos, which are easier to follow for Paula. As a child of the late nineties, generation Z if you will, she’s used to not have to get through any kind of *noise* to get to the right resource and with every type of information out there on other languages, she expects the same in this scenario.

As a student she learned about OOP and the advantages that it brings and wants to know how to code in an OOP style in Perl and how do the basic concepts of OOP (inheritance, encapsulation etc) apply to Perl. She likes the web and would be very interested how certain websites work, like Facebook, Instagram (she’s a girl you know) etc.

With that in mind, what are some of the resources that you’d recommend to a very junior developer, that is just starting out on Perl and is only familiar with the basics of programming? Resources that would be easy to follow and encompass all the basics of Perl.

List your resource type and any notes that you might have, here. We’ll publish it as a whole learning resource guide.

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    Please dont point people at the TutorialsPoint web site Their Perl tutorials are terrible

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