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This is for everyone who uses Perl and who wants it to flourish and expand as a language and as a community. Please blog, for yourself and more importantly, for everyone around you. Show us your wins and your failures, show us your work and your code, write about your code and your work.

We recently started out a Perl Survey to gauge the state of Perl in 2017, the response was pretty great, we got a lot of people taking the survey in just a matter of days. You can take the survey here if you haven’t already.

One of the questions we asked was "Do you blog about your projects/experiences?

The survey will be open until the 14th of April so there is plenty of time for more developers to take it and possibly change the results, but as far as the trend goes, that seems unlikely. We’ll publish the full results after and see. The matter of fact is that 72.2% of respondents (so far) don’t blog. This is a hefty majority that began from the very start of the survey, one that illustrates pretty well the world of Perl articles.

“I’m a developer, not a writer, I write code not articles”

I hear you, not everybody is cut out for this, not everybody has time or a flare for blogging, but here’s the thing. Blog articles help. They help when someone is looking into Perl as a language, they help share solutions, they help show the value of a language, by putting forward projects and sharing them with everybody.

There’s, a blogging platform built in Perl that you can use or Medium, which is a very friendly tech related environment, Blogspot, Wordpress or your own domain. You can even use our own blog platform if you’d like to, we’ll add you as a contributor and help you out with editing and whatnot. The format doesn’t matter that much, what matters is that the information is available to as many people as possible.

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