Assembly is in the top ten most used programming languages (with Perl)

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Are you surprised, mind boggled, in awe? Such a low level language, the lowest of them all is in the top 10 TIOBE index, for the second time this year as it was featured in the top 10 list in January as well. How could such a low level language grow in popularity so extensively that it made it pop up in the top ten?

Well, it’s mostly due to the rising popularity of IoT and small devices that are now all running code.

Tiobe explains further:

"The only reasonable explanation for this is that the number of very small devices that are only able to run assembly code is increasing. Even your toothbrush or coffee machine are running assembly code nowadays."

Its popularity might not last for long as Paul Jansen, Tiobe managing director points out:” I doubt that assembly will survive in the top 10. Maybe for a couple of months because there are no new hot languages approaching the top 10.”

In any case, the code of the Apollo Moon mission was written in Assembly and now this very old language has overtaken some very hot  languages, which is kind of exciting and intriguing at the same time, a very important, but low level language taking such huge leaps. Assembly’s rating is close by to Perls, who is at number 9.

The full top 10 starts with the unmovable Java with 19.804 points, C with 12.238 (losing -3.91 points since last month), C++ with 6.311, Python with 4.166, C# with 3.920, PHP with 3.272 points, JavaScript with 2.643, Visual Basic with 2.517, Perl (at number 9, still holding since we wrote about it last) with 2.428, and Assembly at no. 10, with 2.281.

perl index.png

Perl is slowly rising also due to the activity in the Perl 6 front. We’re excited to see it go higher.

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